Product Engineer
Work Location: Work from home Release Date: 2022-06-05
*Respond to customer's quality concern. Investigate and develop a solution to fix the problem.
*Prepare PPAP document for new products, including FMEA and Control Plan.
*Work with factories to develop and implement quality assurance plan for manufacturing process
*Other duties such as new product design, cost analysis, warehouse management, social media marketing may be assigned if capable.

1. Bachelor's degree in mechanical or manufacturing engineering or 5 years' equivalent work experience in parts manufacturing industry.
2. Experience in creating whole PPAP documentation such as Process Flow, Control Plans, FMEA’s, GR&R, IPS etc.
3. Knowledge in casting, forging, stamping , machining or other manufacturing processes is highly desired
4. Strong technical writing skills and proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and power point etc.
5. Must be able to read engineering prints with proficiency in GD&T.
6. Proficiency in QA tool such as measuring with calipers.
7. Experience in problem solving tools such as 8D, 5 Whys, fish bone diagram
8. Communication proficiency especially online remote communication such as email, skype, or ZOOM etc.
9. Chinese language proficiency is preferred but not mandatory
10. Quick learning in manufacturing process and other new technology
11. Excellent teamwork skills and spirit. Positive, proactive, amiable

* Part time: starting from $2,000 per month based on 20 hours per week work load.
* Full time: Match or exceed your current package based on your qualification. Starting from $60,000

[Work Location]
Most of the work will be performed online and from home. Occasional face to face meeting or customer site visit are required. So candidate is required to live in southeastern Michigan, prefer in or close to Ann Arbor.

*US work permit is required.

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