How does Triton make its prices so competitive?

Offshore suppliers begin with lower labor costs. For example, the average labor cost in China or India is approximately 10% of that in the US. Triton acts aggressively to further cut costs.

  • Unlike other over-staffed agents, Triton offers leaner and more efficient supply chain management, thanks to PROMPT™ , our uniqueonline tracking system. For remote communication, Triton relies on the REACH™ tool to act quickly and effectively. Coming soon: · · Self-Quote, a sophisticated self-service quotation program to give you a quotation that is both quick and accurate.
  • Triton chooses its suppliers wisely. We know where to find the best supplier to suit your job.
  • Triton staff are able to assist vendors to improve their processes, realign their resources, and reduce waste to stay competitive.
  • Triton's volume purchasing allows us to get the biggest discounts from our vendors.

How does Triton ensure quality?

Simply put, Triton guarantees the quality of our products. We take the following steps to make sure quality is not sacrificed for low price.

  • All Triton suppliers are expected to be QS or ISO certified. Triton requires those that are not certified to follow the guidelines of international quality systems, and their products under go rigorous audit.
  • Triton implements careful oversight of critical dimensions to ensure a bad part does not go out the door.
  • Triton's design, manufacturing, and quality engineering team analyzes parts to ensure 100% compliance with specifications for the part's fit, form, and function.
  • If a quality issue arises at a customer's facility, Triton will act promptly to address it, whether that requires reworking, rush replacement, or other measures.

In which countries are Triton's vendors located?

Although Triton maintains a few suppliers in India, Vietnam and Russia, Chinese suppliers typically offer the most competitive overall package, thanks to low labor rates, a large and disciplined workforce, abundant raw materials and resources, a well-developed industrial infrastructure, and increasing Internet usage.

What about delivery times for offshore manufacturing?

Careful customer planning and early ordering that allows for five to six weeks shipping can have your parts where you need them when you need them. Time-sensitive orders can be expedited through UPS express or a combination of air and sea transport. Due to our large buying volume, Triton can obtain big discount from UPS and major airline carriers that offer favorable rate to reduce air freight cost. Triton also offers local warehousing options in the US to maintain inventory so that orders can be delivered within a few days.

Why should we use Triton instead of buying direct?

Triton, as a professional sourcing agent, offers knowledge, experience, and service that can save you time and money. Our team understands your expectations and can communicate them to our suppliers, uniting two industrial worlds into one global market.

Over the years, Triton has developed relationships with a variety of Chinese manufacturers and certified their quality. These personal contacts help us secure the most competitive prices for our customers and ensure clear communication regarding production and delivery.

Triton's global staff is working 24/ 7 to support our customers and suppliers. Turn-around is swift.

Triton's unique technology helps us satisfy your needs at a lower cost than you would pay to build your own sourcing team.

Volume purchasing makes it possible for Triton to get better discounts from our vendors and shipping companies.

We had a bad experience with offshore sourcing in the past. Why should we try it again?

Triton understands that problems can occur with offshore sourcing. But if your competitor is able to successfully reduce costs by outsourcing, you will be outbid in the global market. Don't give up. Tell us your story, and we will fix the problem for you.