Why Triton?

It is time to contact Triton Global If you are struggling on one or more of the following issues with your current suppliers:

◆ Uncompetitive price

◆ Declining quality

◆ Lagging delivery

◆ Poor communication

Or if you want to enhance your product design and development team please also contact us. Here is why:

As a sourcing specialist with more than 20 years of offshore supply chain management experience, Triton knows how to maintain itself as a versatile and efficient source that can maximize the offshore sourcing benefits for our customer’s cost reduction needs. Below are some highlights of what Triton has been doing since 2000:

◆ Developed a plethora of diversified and dynamic manufacturers in low labor cost countries. We have strong ties with these factories so that they can quickly and dedicatedly serve Triton and its customers;

◆ Developed various internet tools for quotation, order tracking and communication to make them convenient and efficient for online collaboration and communication;

◆ Established a high-octane team of engineering and industrial talents familiar with both US and international standards. Our broad knowledge and experience enable us to respond as quickly as local suppliers.

In summary, Triton is not only an offshore sourcing specialist, but also an all-around powerhouse that can design, develop, manufacture in mass production, and deliver the products to your door step, with a committed after-sales service.