On-time Delivery Challenge for Investment Casting Supplier

At one time back to 2005, on time delivery was a headache for Triton and our OEM pumps manufacturing customer. The main cause is the technical difficulty of making these pump component castings, of which the designs are typically not casting friendly. They have complicated internal geometry, non-uniform wall thickness and multiple heat knots which would easily form shrinkage or voids. Also our orders were not large enough to receive higher priority or more attention. 

To change the awkward situation, we launched a public relationship campaign with these foundries. First we came down off high horse to build a equally- and mutually- respected relationship between customer and supplier. We invited outside casting experts to give the foundries on site consultation, working together with the foundry's engineers to solve technical problems. Our staff engineers also helped the foundries by giving them free consultation on their own technical problems. 

By taking these series of measures, we strengthened the relationship with these foundries, and our orders started to receive better attention. In the mean time, we suggested our customer to plan their purchase orders earlier so as to give our foundries enough lead time. Since then, our delivery date was able to meet as the vendor committed at time of order confirmation.

Although occasionally our foundries still had delays due to their negligence or quality issue, or other uncontrollable situation, in that case, we would arrange air freight shipment to catch up and still have the order delivered on time. Of course we would not have our customer pay for the air freight charge. We would work with our vendor to get the responsibility identified. If it is vendor's fault, they will pay for the air freight. But if it is something out of their control, Triton will pay a share to help relieve their financial burden. 

Customer Reviews

  • Buyer, Pumps Manufacturer, Detroit, MI - Bob H.

    Triton has been great in managing the quality and delivery of the investment castings we purchased from oversea, particularly from China. We also purchase directly from other Chinese foundries but turn out that working with Triton is more efficient in communication than you work directly with other overseas suppliers. So overall Triton is most competitive and that's why they become our largest supplier for offshore sourcing.